Hole In Your Heart -My New Single!

Yosemite 2014
Hello Everyone,

I’m pleased to start my first WordPress blog inspired by my journey in the world of music, and share a part of my life with you through this site.

Tonight’s post is about my new single called “Hole in Your Heart.”  I consider it to be a reintroduction of me as a songwriter, not just a singer, to the music community.

This song was inspired by someone I dated, who had found out after having a stroke, that he had a hole in his heart –literally.  As time went by, I soon came to find that it was true in the metaphorical sense as well. There seemed to be a void inside of him lacking love and security.

About a month after our relationship ended, I was in the airport in Utah one afternoon on a business trip, and found myself penning the melody and lyrics to this song.  It came out of nowhere as most songs tend to do when I write them.  It then turned into a family project as my brother-in-law, Jonathan Sheldon– a very talented person–collaborated with me to finalize the tune.  He created the chord structure and progressions as well as played the Rhodes in the production, and with my sister, encouraged me to record the song professionally.

The production was completed by Michael Gehring and Brian Yaskulka of Secret World Studios, a powerful producing and mixing duo in North Hollywood.  It was a great learning process to work with this team and create my song: they provided me with plenty of guidance as I discovered a different sound and style.

“Hole in Your Heart” is a feel-good, easy to sing-along song that uplifts spirits through its folky, gospel-like tune and Motown vibes.  I think it would be an ideal theme song in a TV show or movie.  For those of you familiar with my usual R&B/jazz singing-style,  I hope you’ll enjoy the different flavor of this song and appreciate its authenticity and simplicity.

The song is scheduled to be released on April 12, 2016, so please look out for it on iTunes, GooglePlay, Amazon, and many other major online music stores.   If you like it, please spread the word.

Enjoy and thank you for supporting my journey!

Musically yours always,


Shalini Varghese

P.S.  To contact me please e-mail:  singingshalini@gmail.com

P.S.S.  In case you’re wondering, this photo was taken at Yosemite National Park by my friend, Erica Lippy, and I’m holding an intention ball, which represents my purpose and dreams.


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