Hello Everyone!

Before I say goodbye to 2016, I would like to share a few highlights of my life in music this past year:

2016 offered me the opportunity to expand my horizons both in songwriting as well as in live performance.

After several years, I was excited to release my own single, ‘Hole in Your Heart.’  This tender and honest song revealed a different style of music and creating it was a great learning process for me.  You can listen to and download it here:  https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/hole-in-your-heart-single/id1097134541

Hole In Your Heart Image 2.jpg








On Independence Day weekend, I was invited to sing the National Anthem at the Staples Center.  I was on the brink of becoming severely under the weather and, by a mishap, I missed my sound check, but by good graces and the help of my Mom’s special tea, the live a capella song was well-received by the crowd.  Feel free out my performance here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nl9W8FZ1sTg


I also worked on new EDM tracks with producers from around the globe and spent several Saturday mornings working alongside Savvy Outta Sight on new music to be released this year.  (I don’t want to give a way too many details yes, so please stay tuned and follow me on instagram:  @simply_shalini and @singingshalini)

All of my musical endeavors occurred in my limited free time, outside of my new, demanding job and travels.  (My hustle is strong!)

Speaking of travel, I made a trip to Hawai’i, where I went surfing for the first time –something I’ve always wanted to do!  It was relaxing yet fun challenge, executed right around my birthday.fullsizerender2


2016 was a year of learning and honing skills I didn’t know I had and I couldn’t have done without the support of great friends, family, and collaborators.

In this New Year, I look forward to more growth and success in the world of music.  On that note (no pun intended), I wish all of you the very best in the pursuit of your dreams and goals.  Happy New Year!

Yours truly,




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